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Tailgating on a Budget

Use these tips to make sure you don't break the bank when tailgating a game for your favorite team.

Use these tips to make sure you don’t break the bank when tailgating a game for your favorite team.


October is a beautiful time of year in Wisconsin, the leaves are changing colors, the air gets a little crisp and football season is in full swing. Whether you’re cheering for your local high school, your alma mater college, the Badgers or the Packers, tailgating is likely in your plans.

Tailgating is part of the beauty of the fall season in Wisconsin, and AbbyBank wants to make sure you can have a successful tailgate without spending too much money. Let’s go through some tips of how to have a cost-effective tailgate.

Get a Group Together

The expenses for tailgates can add up quickly, especially if you’re trying to feed your own group of friends who may be as hungry as a defensive line is for a quarterback sack. However, if you can get the group to share in purchasing some of the food, drinks and supplies, you can split the costs. This will not only save you money, but give more people the chance to bring great food to your tailgate!

Buy In Bulk

It’s a long season, and odds are you’ll be having more than one tailgate. Buying your food in bulk can not only make sure you have enough supplies for the entire season, but can also get you a cheaper price. This is especially true of meats, as those tend to be the most expensive part of the tailgate. In fact to save even more money you may want to consider…

Skip the Meat

We know, what kind of tailgate in Wisconsin doesn’t have bratwursts? Stay with us. Meat is the most expensive food item that goes into any tailgate, but there are great alternatives that your teammates will still eat without thinking twice. Plan on several dips, breakfast casseroles with cheese and potatoes and nachos with a Wisconsin cheese sauce! These dishes encourage people to share, as well.

If you want a tailgate dish that has meat, choose one that will allow the meat to go a long way. A large pot of chili can feed a lot of people and will cost much less per serving than chicken, pork or brats.

AbbyBank wishes the best of luck to all our local teams and hopes you have a great tailgate! To make sure you’ve got money to cover your tailgate, open a savings account with us today!

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