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Summer Budget Tips

These simple tips can help you save a lot of money during the summer months.

These simple tips can help you save a lot of money during the summer months.


There is a lot to love about summer. With longer days, warmer weather and more vacation opportunities, it’s no wonder why summer is a favorite season of the year for many people. However, there are some costs associated with summer that you need to consider to make sure you’re still saving and are covered when you face an expense.

AbbyBank wants you to be prepared for summer expenses, and we’re here to offer you tips to keep your budget on track during the summer months.

Summer Budget Tip: Watch Your Utility Bill

On a hot day, there are few things more satisfying than walking into a home that is cooled by air conditioning. But, it’s important to watch your utility bill and see how much you are spending on beating the heat. Running your air conditioner 24/7 may keep you cool, but it also runs your bill up higher, especially on the hottest days, when there are periods of peak demand for energy. Turn down your AC. Your home may be a little warmer, but your wallet will be fuller.

Summer Budget Tip: Skip the Vacation

We’re not saying you can’t have fun this summer, and we know long trips can be the highlight of the summer for many people, but those trips can eat up a significant portion of your savings. To save money, think about taking a vacation closer to home, or even a staycation. Wisconsin has a lot to offer for outdoor enthusiasts that can help you create memories with you friends and family and save money at the same time.

Summer Budget Tip: Eat At Home

This is a good habit to have throughout the year, but it can be especially useful in the summer when we like to travel and spend more. If you cook your meals at home, odds are you will make a healthier meal, have some leftovers to eat the next day and do it all for a much cheaper price than you would find at a restaurant.

AbbyBank is here to help you save. Check out our savings accounts that can help you save for the future, perhaps for that big vacation you’ve been waiting to take.

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