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Reducing your Risk for Financial Crime

Reducing-Your-Risk picCriminals are always trying to come up with plots and schemes to take away your hard-earned money. In recent years, we’ve all seen the news reports about data breaches that have affected the bank accounts of millions of people. Criminals will also try to get access to your accounts with phone calls, emails or on the Internet.

In observance of Risk Awareness Week, AbbyBank wants to share some ways you can protect yourself and make sure you don’t become a victim of financial crime.

Protecting your information: The easiest way for a criminal to take your money is by getting your account information. You should never give out your account information over the phone or online to someone you don’t know. We also encourage you to take advantage of AbbyBank’s eBanking services  so your statements are secure.

  • Get Verification: One of the more common ways criminals try to get your money is by using your family. One day, you receive a call from someone claiming to be with law enforcement who says a member of your family is in trouble and needs money immediately. You will then be asked for your account information or be instructed to wire money so you can help your loved one. Don’t give the caller any information. Instead, call your family to verify the story.
  • Check your credit report: Checking your credit report each year allows you to see if there has been any fraudulent activity in your name. This is something you should do every year, as you are entitled to a free credit report every year from each of the three nationwide reporting agencies: Experian, TransUnion and Equifax, through www.annual credit

Financial crimes and identity theft are serious issues, but AbbyBank can help protect you. To make sure your finances are as safe as possible, ask us about our fraud protection, safety while shopping online and identity theft resources. If you have a question about financial crime, or you’ve noticed some suspicious activity on your account statements, please give us a call or stop in at one of our offices.

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