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Preparing for Winter Expenses

Winter can be an expensive time. Preparing for winter now by making smart financial decisions can save you money when the weather turns cold.

Winter can be an expensive time. Preparing for winter now by making smart financial decisions can save you money when the weather turns cold.


We know what you’re thinking: “Fall just started! How can we be talking about winter already?”

We agree with you. We want to enjoy the fall weather as much as possible, whether that’s watching the leaves change color or cheering for the Badgers to dominate the rest of the Big Ten Conference. The fact of the matter, though, is that we live in Wisconsin, which means the weather can be unpredictable and Mother Nature can be downright cruel at times.

At AbbyBank, we think taking a proactive approach is the best way to prepare for winter. These tips can help you save money in the long run and prevent a needless expense once the snow flies and the temperature drops below freezing.

Prepare For the Cold

Bitter cold is part of winter life in the upper Midwest. The cold can play a lot of tricks on your car by draining the battery, freezing fuel lines and much more. Making an appointment with your mechanic to winterize your vehicle will cost you some money now, but will save you money in winter’s coldest days by not having to replace your car battery.

Your home will also be impacted by the cold. Make sure you’re saving for a larger heating bill during the winter months along with making preparations to prevent needless home improvement projects. Chief among your concerns should be frozen pipes and a damaged roof. You can stop your pipes from freezing by making sure valves are closed off, as well as insulating pipes in unheated areas. You should also –very carefully—shovel snow off your roof to prevent buildups that can cause damage during the spring thaw.

Saving is Important

Life is always unpredictable, but when you throw in snow and ice, it gets worse. That’s why it’s important to save for unexpected expenses. Whether it’s a car repair, a home repair or a hospital bill, having an established emergency fund can help you if you need to dip into your savings.

However, you don’t only need to save to make sure you’re covered for the bad stuff. You can also start saving for the holidays. While Holiday Savings Accounts are the most effective when you save throughout the year, starting now can allow you to put money away for a couple months before the holiday shopping season. You can save until late October and your balance is paid out to you in November.

Turn to AbbyBank for Help

AbbyBank is here for you when the weather turns cold. Whether it’s a savings account to make sure you have enough money to cover something unexpected, or a personal loan for when you need extra help, you can count on us to provide the financial services you need. Contact us to learn more.

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