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Managing Finances in College

Managing your finances is important during your college years, when money can get tight.

Managing your finances is important during your college years, when money can get tight.


August is an exciting time for new college students. You’re picking out supplies for your dorm room, getting in touch with your new roommate, and figuring out which classes are going to help you reach your goals for your future.

But, a few things might get lost in that excitement. While college is about furthering your education and making memories, it can also be expensive. AbbyBank is here to help you find ways to make your college experience more affordable.

Technology is Your Friend

When you’re on your own for the first time, it can be exciting, but also a little bit scary. This may be the first time you’ve had to manage money on your own or develop a budget. Luckily, there are tools to help you. Using budget tools like Mint and You Need A Budget are a great place to start to help you learn more about budgeting and to use resources designed to help your money go further. The best part? These tools are free to use.

Use Your Meals at the Dining Hall

If you live on campus, as most first-year college students do, you will have access to the campus dining facilities. You’ve probably seen TV shows, movies or commercials that depict college students eating pizza at all hours of the night, but you don’t have to spend your money on that. Think of it this way: your dining plan is part of your tuition, so if you skip meals to eat out or order in, you’re really paying for your food twice.

Find On-Campus Entertainment

No matter what college or university you attend, there are perks to being a student. Your college will offer entertainment opportunities, whether it’s concerts, comedy shows, movie nights or something else. These activities are often available at a much lower cost than they would be at a similar off-campus event, and many times are free.

AbbyBank wants to wish all of our new college students luck on the journey they’re about to take. We also offer student loan information and savings accounts to help make sure you’re covered.

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