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Inexpensive Date-Night Ideas to Get Out of the House

Are you longing for a fabulous night out on the town with your partner, but your budget doesn’t agree? We have compiled a list of inexpensive date night ideas that will be kind to your budget & strengthen your relationship-no matter if you’ve been together 3 months or 50 years!


  • Volunteer:  Although it is rewarding to volunteer alone, it is especially meaningful when you can serve with someone you care about. You are able to collaborate and experience something special together that you will probably be talking about for weeks. Go to a soup kitchen, visit the animal shelter or donate clothing to a homeless shelter.

Did you know? In a study done as part of the National Marriage Project, they found that 50% of women and 46% of men who reported high generosity in their marriage, also described their marriage as “Very Happy”.

  • Make the Ordinary Extraordinary: Do you like to read? Go to a bookstore and talk about your favorites from each category-even your favorite children’s book! Visit the cookbooks and find a new recipe you want to make together! Try taking something that you might normally do as a chore, and create a fun game or activity.
  • Local & Low-Priced: Explore your own town! Go on social media sites and investigate what events are going on near you. Typically community events are low cost or free. There may be a high school play or free admission to a night tour of a museum. You never know what you’re going to find.
  • KISS (Keep it Super Simple): The goal with all of this is to get to know each other more and to have an enjoyable time. Go back to the basics of learning something new about each other. Make a list of individual and couple goals to share with one another. Go on a long walk in a neighborhood or park you’ve never been to, or teach each other a skill. Whatever you do, you will most likely always remember these days you had together on a budget. Now the only problem is choosing one you can both agree on!


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