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Fun Summer Staycation Ideas

A staycation doesn't mean you can't have fun. Use these tips to make your staycation seem more like a getaway.

A staycation doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. Use these tips to make your staycation seem more like a getaway.


In April, we brought you tips for vacationing on a budget. However, for several families, taking a summer vacation to another destination isn’t an option. Perhaps you’re saving for a future expense, or maybe it’s going to be a tight summer and you’re saving every penny you can.

Whatever your reason for not taking a long, expensive vacation, there are alternatives that allow you to have plenty of fun closer to home. AbbyBank has some tips and ideas for “staycations” that can help you save money, but still enjoy the summer with your family.

Starters: Give Yourself the Feel of a Vacation

Part of the fun that comes with a vacation is getting away from the daily grind of life. To get yourself in the right mind-set, set an out-of-office email response, don’t spend a lot of time checking your phone and maybe take the clocks down around your house.

Add Something New to Your Menu

While going to your local grocery store may not seem like a way to give yourself a vacation, coming out of the grocery store with something new is a great way to give yourself a meal that gives the feeling of being away from home. One of most fun things about going on vacation is sampling local restaurants and specialty dishes. Do some research and get the ingredients at the grocery store to bring a piece of your vacation to your own dining room.

Explore Your Local Wilderness

Do you really want to get away from it all? The Midwest is full of camping opportunities and outdoor activities like canoeing, fishing and other water sports. These activities typically don’t cost as much as other vacation activities, especially if you’re doing them as part of a day trip.

Everyone deserves to take a break during the summer and enjoy the sunshine. If you can’t go far away this summer on a trip with the family, AbbyBank can help you start saving for next summer.

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