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Can You Really Save on Travel: True or False?


Checking numerous sites for the best deal can be labor-intensive. With many consumers turning to vacation booking sites and apps, AbbyBank is curious if they really save you money. We discovered four truths to successfully budgeting your next getaway:


TRUE: Travel sites offer money-saving opportunities.

FALSE: The lowest value is found on the hotel’s or airline’s website.


Many travel booking sites offer discounted airfare and accommodation, boasting the same services at a discounted price. However, some of these sites merely display the cost an airline or hotel already has on their own site at no additional reduction. Compare both, the travel booking site and the hotel’s website to find the best deal.


TRUE: Credit and Debit cards offer a more secure and affordable payment option while traveling.

FALSE: Airport currency exchange is worth the convenience.  


While there are many different options to exchange currency before your next trip, the safest method of payment during your getaway will still be your credit card. With many options now offering no currency exchange fees, you’re sure to avoid unwanted conversions costs while still protecting your finances. According to both Visa and Mastercard, credit card users are held liable for zero percent of any fraudulent charges. This means that should your credit card information become compromised during your stay, you won’t lose any funds because of it. Make sure you notify your financial institution and credit card companies of your traveling plans in advance.


TRUE: Traveling outside of the peak seasons offers great savings.

FALSE: The skiing in Colorado is great in June.


While it is true that avoiding the crowds can save you and your family some extra dollars, it may not be worth it if it means decreasing the activities of your trip completely. Instead of limiting your travel timeline, we recommend looking for alternative accommodations such as Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO), along with creative dining options, to maximize your destination’s budget. These additional savings can help to bring your overall cost down, while still making your dream vacation a reality.


TRUE: You can save a lot of money by using airline miles.

FALSE: Airline credit cards are worth the annual fee for a yearly vacation.


Depending on how you use the card and how frequent you fly, an airline credit card might not be worth the cost. While these cards offer tempting miles for flights, increasing numbers of travel dates are blacked out depending on the card you use. The annual credit card fee for United, American, and Delta, costs approximately $95.00 after your first year of use. Typically, with these cards, you get to check your first bag for free. Depending on which airline card you choose, the average cost savings for the bag can be $50.00. Examine your individual situation to determine if an airline miles card is right for you.



As you begin to plan your next vacation, AbbyBank looks forward to helping you save the funds to make it happen. Stop in today and learn how to open a designated savings account today!


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