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Braving Black Friday


There’s a certain thrill that comes with getting up really early (or maybe not even sleeping) when you know you’re going to be hunting for the best deal available. That’s the thrill of Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year. And while Black Friday offers the benefits of savings, it can be a tiring experience. Luckily, AbbyBank has some tips that can help you save time and energy while you’re saving money.

Be Aware of Online Deals

Retailers are well aware of the fact that we like to get as much done on the Internet as possible, and they extend that line of thinking to Black Friday shopping. In order to help potential customers avoid crowds, several stores will have Black Friday deals, some of them exclusives, for shoppers who prefer to sit around in their pajamas at home rather than braving the crowds. You’ll still have to get up early for these deals, as these exclusives are often only offered for a limited time or with limited quantities.

Don’t forget that several of those online exclusives are available on Cyber Monday, which takes place on November 30th. So, if you miss the sales on Black Friday, you still have the chance to get a great deal on Cyber Monday.

Shop with a Plan

While there are many deals to be found on the Internet, many stores will offer more in-store exclusives with the hope of getting as many people in the doors as possible. For those times when you only have in-store promotions, take some time to see which store is going to have the best deals for what you want. This will mean doing your research, reading through ad inserts and, yes, getting up early to get to the stores.

Shopping With Friends & Family

Remember the saying “There is strength in numbers?” That adage holds true for Black Friday shopping, where turning the activity into a team sport can work to your advantage. If you shop as part of a larger group, you can combine lists, and send people to different areas of the store, or even to other stores, to shop for the entire group.

Be Patient

One of the most important things you’ll need to remember about Black Friday is to be patient. Whether you’re online or in the store, there are going to be a lot of people shopping. This will mean slow lines and checkouts (this goes for online shoppers too) and it may be easy to feel frustrated. If you’re patient, the experience will be more fun.

If you end up spending a lot of money on Black Friday, don’t worry. AbbyBank has a variety of savings accounts to help you build your funds back up. Contact us to learn more about what options are available to you.

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