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5 Tips for Staging Your Home

Making simple changes to your home can help you sell it faster so you can move into your new home.

Making simple changes to your home can help you sell it faster so you can move into your new home.


You’ve bought the bubble wrap, broken out the tape and scrounged for some boxes. You’re covered there. What’s not covered is selling your house. AbbyBank wants to put you in the best position to sell your home quickly. Before your big move, check out some tips on getting your home ready for prospective buyers:

Rearrange for traffic flow

Your buyers are going to be turned off by a room if they immediately start tripping over things. Arrange the furniture so there are several paths around them. This is especially true for spaces like living and dining rooms, where the majority of the traffic takes place. Plus, by showing buyers how many paths a room can hold, they can imagine how their own furniture will fit in the space.


Sometimes, you’ve had items for so long that you just don’t notice that them anymore. Get a trusted friend or relative to look at your clutter with fresh eyes and advise you about what can be whisked away when you’re showing your home. Storage space is a big plus to buyers, and clutter can hide just how much of it you have.

Use green

Plants, both inside and out, are an easy way to make your house look nicer. Plant flowers along the walkway to greet potential buyers. Place sprigs of flowering bushes and trees in vases around the house. Indoor potted plants will not only spruce up a room, they can also increase oxygen, making the very air feel more fresh.

Use paint wisely

Many realtors will tell you overly-bold colors will actually reduce the amount of offers. If you have a bright, red room, tone it down to a light green or beige. Also, paint walls in adjacent rooms the same color. This can give the illusion of a larger space. The same is true of curtains—if they share the walls’ hues, they can make a room look bigger.

Prepare for your next journey

Closing this chapter on your living space just means you’re about to start a new chapter in another house. To do that, you’ll need a solid financial plan and a good mortgage rate. Learn about different mortgage options and access AbbyBank’s  mortgage calculator  We’ve also got some great educational tools. When you’re ready, contact a member of our mortgage team.

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