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10 Tips for a Great Holiday Party


No matter which holiday you are prepping for, there are some important party essentials you should always plan for! Throughout this holiday season, try these top 10 planning tips, courtesy of AbbyBank:


  1. Pick the best date. Saturday’s are always the prime time for holiday parties. Be sure to book venues ahead of time to ensure you can capture the best date for your gathering.
  1. Choose a simple theme. Don’t oversimplify it, but make sure it’s something that will connect well with your guests. Simple things such as color coordinating, can help continue your theme throughout the event.
  1. Send invites at the right time. Let your guests know about the holiday party six weeks prior to ensure they have plenty of time to plan. If you ask them to RSVP this can help you gain an accurate head count for food and beverage purposes.
  1. Email a reminder. Sometimes people forget, ensure that all your guests who are available can attend, with a simple email reminder one week out from the party.
  1. Keep food fun yet familiar. A little twist here and there keeps things interesting; however, going too far can result in lots of untouched food. If you are in need of different ideas, check out Pinterest and work with your caterer or local grocery store to determine what the best mix is for your holiday event!
  1. Set-up a good flow of traffic. Create a space away from your conversational area that allows hungry guests to access the food and drinks with ease.
  1. Create a timeline. Every party has activities, whether it’s dancing, trivia, or a simple informational slideshow. Planning ahead of time can save you a headache later. Create a schedule for the evening to share with your guests.
  1. Play festive music. Create a simple playlist full of upbeat and festive songs, but be sure to include some current music selections as well! This will keep with the holiday tone, without being overwhelming.
  1. Give away or donate leftovers. Leftovers are a given at any holiday event offer to send your guests home with some goodies to help avoid discarding food. Another option would be to stop by your local foodbank that night, or the next day to see if they are in need of it.
  1. Have a clean-up crew. Cleaning up is the worst part of event coordinating. Make this task easier on yourself, and recruit a team to help clean after the event, or the next day. Provide a meal and a small gift.


If you follow these holiday hacks, your event could be the best gift of the season! Show us your favorite holiday get together by sharing a photo on our Facebook page. We can’t wait to see all the different themes!

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