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Protecting Yourself While Shopping Online this Holiday Season

As the holidays approach, customers buying items online increases substantially. Unfortunately, cyber attacks and identity theft also increase with that number. That’s why the professionals at AbbyBank have come up with some helpful tips to stay safe when shopping online this holiday season! Don’t Use Unknown Wireless Networks If you are in a coffee shop

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Tips for Cyber-Security When it comes to Your Mobile Device

Odds are you’re probably reading this blog post on your smartphone. Seventy-seven percent of the population now own a smartphone and use it on a daily basis. With so many people accessing, searching and downloading things on their smartphones, are we really using the same caution and protection we would use when it comes to

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Use the Holidays to Teach Your Kids About Money

It’s Fall, that means that the holidays are approaching. During these special occasions, kids receive many  gifts, large meals, cards, and more. AbbyBank believes that this time of the year is a great opportunity to teach your children about money. Below are a few ideas on how to incorporate your children into the holiday financial

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4 Ways You Can Budget With an Irregular Income

If you work sales, freelance or are self-employed, you have a major issue to contend with when it comes to personal budgeting—an unpredictable income. While this can make it hard to plan your monthly spending, it’s not completely impossible. Today, we would like to offer you these tips for budgeting on an irregular income: 1)

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Fall and Winter Home Prep to Save You Money

As the seasons change, so do your bills. Creating a good savings foundation during the fall and winter, will help up you to start 2018 off in a healthy financial state. That’s why AbbyBank has compiled a list of tips and tricks to prepare your home for the seasons to come in order to save

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How to Create Better Habits

If you’re like us, beginning a new diet or starting to exercise is more challenging than we initially planned. The same is can be said about financial goals you may have. Saving for retirement, eliminating credit card debt, increasing your credit score; these are all things that take time and dedication to complete, but sometimes

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The 10 Best Things to Buy at the Farmers Market

One of the things we enjoy most during produce season is the delicious and money-saving weekend Farmer’s Market. Just about every community has their own local growers, and no matter where you are there’s sure to be some delicious baked goods as well. This season, our team at AbbyBank would like to share our favorite

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7 Absolutely FREE Activities for the Kids

Whether it’s during the summer or after school, keeping your children occupied takes a truly creative mind! This season, AbbyBank is excited to share some of our favorite and affordable activities for all of your little ones to enjoy! Take advantage of your local library and their summer and after-school programs. Even if it’s only an

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The Best Advice from Today’s Entrepreneurs

Sometimes finding the perfect idea for a new business can be easier said than done. Often you start by asking yourself a series of questions. Where is there a need? What can be created more efficiently? How can I solve a recurring problem? These are all great questions to consider when looking for a concept

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