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Title: How to Start a Garden without Splurging

Sunshine, flowering blooms, and the smell of something new, planting season is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors and begin planting your summer garden. If you’re like most hobbyists, you find your plants each year at area greenhouses and nurseries searching for that perfect pop of color.  This year, AbbyBank challenges you to try

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Why Checking Your Credit Score and Report Matters

Across television ads, online banners, and even chit-chat among relatives, the phrase, “Check your credit score,” seems to be popping up everywhere. A credit score is comprised of five different measures which indicate how you as an individual are perceived in terms of repayment and risk. Individuals who pay their bills on time, have been

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Can You Really Save on Travel: True or False?

Checking numerous sites for the best deal can be labor-intensive. With many consumers turning to vacation booking sites and apps, AbbyBank is curious if they really save you money. We discovered four truths to successfully budgeting your next getaway:   TRUE: Travel sites offer money-saving opportunities. FALSE: The lowest value is found on the hotel’s

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Student Loan PSA: What Student Debt Really Looks Like

Obtaining your secondary education can be a landmark goal on your journey to success. More often than not, student loans offer a helpful supplement when financing your education. AbbyBank suggests answering the following questions before choosing how to pay for your collegiate participation:   What are you starting with? The first question you should ask

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Title: Fix-Up Your Budget

HGTV’s latest hit show, Fixer Upper, has fans and home buyers looking for new ways to save and restore old homes. While Chip and Joanna have become experts in home renovation, they’re not too shabby when it comes to finances either. Using their home building skills and our banking knowledge we offer these top tips

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How to Save for Retirement at Every Age

How much do you need to retire? Will you continue working after age 65? Do you want to travel during your retirement? These are just a handful of questions that are important for retirement planning. Unlike saving for a home or new vehicle, saving for retirement requires long-term commitment and goal oriented benchmarks. At AbbyBank

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5 Financially Savvy Ways to Use Your Tax Refund

Getting your taxes done early not only takes one more thing off your to-do list, but further allows you to start planning for the future. Work with your tax professional to determine how much your family may receive this year as a tax refund. No matter the amount, we recommend putting it towards your financial

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6 Steps to Scoring Your Savings Goal

Do your savings goals make you feel frozen? Get back on the ice this season, and let AbbyBank help you win your personal financial game. We’ll show you how to keep pushing forward with these strategic hockey tactics:   Find the 5-hole. One of the first and most important ways to save is to keep

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5 Ways to Stay Fit without Breaking Your Budget

The Holiday season means delicious feasts, scrumptious treats, and unforgettable drinks. All these added meals, can only mean one thing – extra time working out! If your favorite festive foods are breaking your calorie budget, try these tips to help both you and your wallet stay in great shape.   Youtube Videos. Who said exercise videos

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10 Tips for a Great Holiday Party

No matter which holiday you are prepping for, there are some important party essentials you should always plan for! Throughout this holiday season, try these top 10 planning tips, courtesy of AbbyBank:   Pick the best date. Saturday’s are always the prime time for holiday parties. Be sure to book venues ahead of time to

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