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7 Absolutely FREE Activities for the Kids

Whether it’s during the summer or after school, keeping your children occupied takes a truly creative mind! This season, AbbyBank is excited to share some of our favorite and affordable activities for all of your little ones to enjoy! Take advantage of your local library and their summer and after-school programs. Even if it’s only an

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The Best Advice from Today’s Entrepreneurs

Sometimes finding the perfect idea for a new business can be easier said than done. Often you start by asking yourself a series of questions. Where is there a need? What can be created more efficiently? How can I solve a recurring problem? These are all great questions to consider when looking for a concept

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Why Your Child’s Allowance Should be Tied to Their Chores

There are literally thousands of how-to’s and self-help books for parents, but truly the only real way to learn how to raise a child is to do it! Luckily our growing team of parents at AbbyBank have some true hands-on experience when it comes to upbringing and explaining money management to little ones. One of

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The Basics Behind New Business

A mouthwatering dish your grandmother made you, a leaf falling across the park, or one of the endless questions your preschooler has begun to ask you; the truth is great ideas can come from anywhere. If you have a concept you are itching to turn into a reality, there are some key components you’ll need

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Three Things to Look for in a Starter Home

If you’re in the market for your first home, congratulations! Becoming a homeowner is an exciting step on your financial journey. At AbbyBank, our dedicated mortgage lenders are here to help you find the best financing option for your new home. Remember to stop in and secure a pre-approval letter before you start your home

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Teaching Your Children the Basics of Online Security

If you’re like many parents, your preteens and teenagers may be running circles around you when it comes to utilizing the latest technology. Whether it’s Facebook’s latest updates, new iPhone technology, or the newest app hitting the scene, the amount of new knowledge and innovation seems endless. For your growing adults, this may look more

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Water Your Lawn & Your Wallet Too

If you’d like to grow your landscape and your finances this season, AbbyBank has the perfect ideas for you! To jumpstart this warmer weather, we’re excited to share our top tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy lawn and garden without digging too deep into your budget:   Seed your lawn early on. Get the

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Title: How to Start a Garden without Splurging

Sunshine, flowering blooms, and the smell of something new, planting season is the perfect time to enjoy the outdoors and begin planting your summer garden. If you’re like most hobbyists, you find your plants each year at area greenhouses and nurseries searching for that perfect pop of color.  This year, AbbyBank challenges you to try

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Why Checking Your Credit Score and Report Matters

Across television ads, online banners, and even chit-chat among relatives, the phrase, “Check your credit score,” seems to be popping up everywhere. A credit score is comprised of five different measures which indicate how you as an individual are perceived in terms of repayment and risk. Individuals who pay their bills on time, have been

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Can You Really Save on Travel: True or False?

Checking numerous sites for the best deal can be labor-intensive. With many consumers turning to vacation booking sites and apps, AbbyBank is curious if they really save you money. We discovered four truths to successfully budgeting your next getaway:   TRUE: Travel sites offer money-saving opportunities. FALSE: The lowest value is found on the hotel’s

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